Online Medical Transcription Services

Advantage Medical Transcription is a perfect choice for any small to medium medical practice. No matter what your needs are, our services are flexible to fit. We pride ourselves on giving outstanding service to our customers, with focus on these four basic standards of service:


When handling patient's medical files, quality is the highest priority.

  • Your files will be transcribed by native English-speaking, medical language specialists.
  • We have well-seasoned medical transcriptionists and QA supervisors, ready to exceed your quality expectations.
  • We have specific experience in virtually every healthcare specialty
  • We maintain 98% or better accuracy on all files, and revisions are free.


Eliminate expensive on-site transcription stations by outsourcing your medical transcription to a specialty service.

  • Fees are charged on a per-line basis, which means you only pay for what we type.
  • Our low per-line rates are based on an industry-standard 65-character line.
  • Line rates are all-inclusive, which means absolutely no charges for set up, customer support, or software.
  • Avoid expenses associated with hiring employees such as wages/salary, vacation or sick pay, health benefits, or taxes. As a 1099 contractor, our fees qualify as a business expense write-off.
    (Please seek complete tax information from your certified tax professional.)


We customize our services to meet the needs of your practice.

  • Our basic service includes easy drag-and-drop file transfers. We also offer an online file management platform, and we have the ability to integrate with your existing EMR system.
  • Dictate at your convenience, 24 hours a day, using hand-held recorders.
  • Instant service! We can use samples of your old transcription files to extract formatting and style preferences, which allows for a seamless transition with no down-time or backlogged dictation.
  • Enjoy turn-around-time that fits the needs of your practice, including 48 hours, 24 hours, and options for stat service.
  • Client communications are handled personally by the owner of the company to ensure complete satisfaction
  • Major Time Saver! We use templates and can import past information to eliminate the need for repetitive dictation.


File integrity and patient privacy is a daily focus for AMT.

  • We keep a secure a backup archive of all transcription that can be retrieved at any time.
  • We protect your patients' information. We never send files outside of the United States, where health information is not regulated by American healthcare privacy laws.
  • We maintain 100% HIPAA-compliance for file transfers and storage.
Small Practice Solutions for Medical Transcription Outsourcing
Doctors that work in a private practice or a small office quickly discover that most transcription service options do not fit the needs of a small practice. Outsource your medical dictation with Advantage Medical Transcription.
Go Digital
Whether you have a small practice needing one-on-one transcription support, or you run a large medical center with an EMR system, we can integrate our services into your business electronically to make it convenient and affordable for every medical professional.
Mental Health Transcription
Mental Healthcare is unique in many aspects, particularly in support needs for outsourcing. Advantage Medical Transcription provides service that is secure, private, and affordable for our Mental Healthcare clients.
On-Call Medical Transcription Services
Sick transcriptionist? Busy clinic day? Backlogged, overdue dictation? Let Advantage Medical Transcription help you meet your deadlines.
The Smart EMR Solution
Cut down on charting time, have more face-to-face interaction with your patients, and tell the whole story by using narrative dictation to enhance your EMR records.