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Advantage Medical Transcription provides fully customizable online medical transcription services for today's busy medical professionals.  Advantage Medical Transcription has been providing affordable medical transcription services since 2003. Our multi-specialty expertise makes us a good choice for any healthcare facility. Whether transcribing for one doctor, or a staff of 200, we will give your files the attention and care that they deserve. Our small, American, family-owned company is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients. We realize that your needs are unique, and it is our goal to exceed expectations with our outstanding dictation coverage.

We are available for:
Full-time, total dictation coverage
Part-time, partial-load dictation coverage
Temporary Medical Transcription Services
Overflow/on-call transcription
Catch-up work on back-logged dictation

Smart Start Transcription Services
Our Smart Start Medical Transcription service is designed to provide new practices with an affordable transcription system that is designed to expand as the practice grows. There are no start-up costs! We provide you with all the equipment necessary to start dictating right away.
Small Practice Solutions for Medical Transcription Outsourcing
Doctors that work in a private practice or a small office quickly discover that most transcription service options do not fit the needs of a small practice. Outsource your medical dictation with Advantage Medical Transcription.
Go Digital
Whether you have a small practice needing one-on-one transcription support, or you run a large medical center with an EMR system, we can integrate our services into your business electronically to make it convenient and affordable for every medical professional.
Mental Health Transcription
Mental Healthcare is unique in many aspects, particularly in support needs for outsourcing. Advantage Medical Transcription provides service that is secure, private, and affordable for our Mental Healthcare clients.
On-Call Medical Transcription Services
Sick transcriptionist? Busy clinic day? Backlogged, overdue dictation? Let Advantage Medical Transcription help you meet your deadlines.
The Smart EMR Solution
Cut down on charting time, have more face-to-face interaction with your patients, and tell the whole story by using narrative dictation to enhance your EMR records.